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JetDrive defragments, cleans and boosts your system!
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One of the reasons that may be behind the sudden slowness of your computer is a high level of file fragmentation on your hard drives. JetDrive is a flexible and versatile defragmentation tool that doesn't only put every file sector in its right place, but also defrags your RAM memory, Windows registry, and even protected Windows files. During the defragmentation process, JetDrive is capable of detecting and fixing specific errors related to your system’s hard drives.

This small yet efficient software tool has a simple and straightforward functionality. It will detect all the drives connected to your computer (both internal and external) and will allow you to choose the ones you believe require defragmentation. As a bonus, you can check the “Registry” option and let JetDrive to put your Windows Registry back in shape. The program’s defragmentation algorithm will also check your RAM in the process, and will wait for the next Windows startup to access and defrag any protected system files that it couldn’t touch during the normal defragmentation process.

A color-coded graphical representation of all the sectors in the selected drive will show you how the work in going. You can see how many sectors have been fixed or defragmented; which remain fragmented; which are free, working, or in use, and which have been reserved by the NTFS file system.

Defragmenting an entire hard drive takes time, and this tool is no exception, but your patience will be rewarded with a faster PC and a quicker access to all your applications.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers various defragmentation types
  • Graphical representation of the defragmentation process
  • Defragments protected files and even your RAM memory
  • Can locate and fix specific HD errors


  • A bit pricey for a defragmentation tool
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